Areas of Practice

One look at Bartanen Law and you will find a committed family owned law firm dedicated to serving Salem and the surrounding communities. With our extensive experience, we have the knowledge it takes to work for you and meet your unique needs. Explore our areas of practice and let us know how we can best serve you.

Family Law

Hiring an attorney to ensure that the future of you and your family is well protected is an important decision. Our attorneys are committed to guiding you, educating you, and informing you through every step of your case. We understand that your greatest asset is your family and the things you have worked for over time. Whether you are looking to establish parental rights, dissolve a marriage or adjust your visitation schedule, we listen to you and act as your advocate and partner towards your desired goals. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Adoption, Guardianship, and Visitation.


When facing a bankruptcy, having a plan to ease the stress and burden that comes along with financial trouble can seem daunting. At Bartanen Law, we work with you to develop a plan that fits your unique financial needs and walk you through the details of Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Many people choose to travel to Southern Indiana’s larger towns or cities to retain bankruptcy counsel. Our office proudly offers the same competent legal services in this field of law, while providing you with the personal small town touch that acknowledges you as a person in a difficult time. We treat you as a person and understand you are more than just a set of numbers on a page.


Estate planning can be an involved process, but with our attorney’s extensive background we can make the process much easier on you. We will draft your planning documents based on your unique needs and will help you answer the important questions that come along with your estate. Here at Bartanen Law, we understand that people work their whole lives to pass on a legacy to their families. Our children are our greatest asset and they are why we are here. Let us help you maximize what you can leave to your family and make your wishes known. Our estate services include: Wills and Trusts, Prenuptial agreements, Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Health Care Representatives Forms.


When encountering legal challenges you want someone on your side to work for you. We work with our clients, diligently, individually, and thoroughly to provide you the best, personalized defense whether you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charges. Our attorneys combine for an excess of 21 years of criminal representation experience, completing several major felony trials including Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder. Our attorneys have recently received acquittals in local courts on major felony charges.

Business Services

Bartanen Law Office routinely establishes business entities licensed with the State of Indiana. We also offer annual maintenance and compliance with state standards for Limited Liability Companies and Corporations.


Our office has worked with many clients to develop secure binding contracts relating to real estate, and other business agreements. Contracts and documents regularly prepared by our office include but not limited to: Deeds, Mortgages, Land Contracts, Contracts for Sale / Purchase, and Lease and Rental Agreements.


Our attorneys have experience handling civil litigation ranging from small claims to property line disputes to major corporate lawsuits. We work with you to provide representation at a reasonable cost and maximizing your results in the courtroom. Schedule a consult today to discuss your needs. Our areas of civil practice include: Landlord/Tenant, Small Claims, and Property Line/Real Estate Disputes.